3 Things to know - GlpiTools


If you reading this article, I assume that you already did steps from: How to start with GlpiTools Module

There is a few things that you have to know about the module, and in my opinion is important to know them

Ok, Let’s go 😀


Configuration store

Configuration is just a .json file
I secure (just to hide real values, because converting is easy to revert) configuration parameters by converting them to secure strings

Depend on OS where do you use module, Configuration is stored in different places
On Linux


On Windows



This file is using for autocomplete parameters from functions like:


Parameters.json is located inside the module, inside Private folder
On my computer this is:

"c:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\GlpiTools\Private\"

But, you have to check in your system where module is installed
Check inside folders shown by command


The most important thing is that, you can add to the file your own endpoints/components!!
Do you installed new plugin and want to use it with module? You don’t have to wait for new functions or write it on your own
All what you doing is

  • locate module on the disk
  • add new component to parameters.json


"GlpiComponents": [
        "provide it here"

The best way to find name of the endpoint/component is to look on database structure and names of the tables

Then you have to remember, to make a copy of this file if you updating/installing on your system or installing module on another system or server etc…


Function Search-GlpiToolsItems, can a little bit confuse you if you don’t know two things


This function will show that many properties, as see user which is use in API

But, the best way is to show it on example
We have a Computers Tab, you are logged in as user used in API
You see only three properites: ID, Name, and Serial number of all computers there

You use

Get-GlpiToolsComputers -All 

And you get all computers with all properties inside

Then, you use

Search-GlpiToolsItems -SearchFor Computer -SearchType contains -SearchValue <name of computer>

And get only 3 properties, why?
Because, to get that you have to modify the view in GUI

There is icon like “key” or “keytool” where you can define which properties do you see

Add there that many parameters, as you want to see when you will use Search function


Function has one special parameter called “-SearchField”

This is a parameter where you provide an ID or parameter from output of another function


By default Search function use parameter “name”, but if you want to search computer by property “serial number” you have to know which ID “serial number” has

This parameter is not mandatory, but is good to know how it works and how you can customize command to Search not only for names


And that’s it 😀
If you have more questions, feel free to find me and PM on FB or Twitter