Hi! My name is Wojtek. I’am a big fan of Windows PowerShell/ PowerShell, and mainly about that I want to write on this blog ☺️

My IT journey started in 2013. Right after when I finished my high school, I landed in small company (my Boss and I) which serve IT services (outsourcing).

Later, I started work for company where I provided IT support as Junior IT Admin I supported almost everything, from access control devices, through computers, servers to power supplies (UPS)

It comes a time where I consider to change the place where I work, I learnt a lot, and I felt it’s a right time! That’s how I started work for company where I supported an applications Here I fall in love with PowerShell 😉 to automate every repetitive task!

The blog is a kind of nootebok, and I regret that I started doing this so late

with the PowerShell greeting 😉 Wojtek