New Search Function - GlpiTools

Long story short 😀 Let’s begin !

First, go to the doc which describing the Search Function

Now you are able to put more filtering on a search, you can link with the operators like AND
But the better way to descibe it, is to have a real example
Here is command which gets the computers
Search-GlpiToolsItems -SearchFor Computer -SearchType contains, contains -SearchField 1, 40 -SearchValue c, virtual -SearchLink AND

And now:
SearchFor here we put what we want to search
SearchType here you can specify a type of a search, you can choose between values like contains equals and more, you can put here more than one type
SearchField here you need to specify field of a search which you can get from different command, and as well you can put here more than one value
SearchValue put here values that you want to search, you can put more than one
SearchLink here you are able to choose how do you want to link these values, you have two values for SearchType, SearchField, SearchValue you linking them with one SearchLink like in a example

This command has backward compatibility so you shoudn’t have problems with your scripts after module update, but be aware of this!